Does Your Child Need Individual Tutoring?

December 19, 2017

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At some point, almost every child struggles in school. Tougher academic standards and increasing class sizes have made it harder for kids to keep up with rigorous course content. Also, failing to master a critical concept in reading or math may create a spiraling effect that can leave kids falling further behind. When you notice your kid’s grades dropping or homework becomes a major battle, individual tutoring is an option that provides multiple benefits for getting them back on track.

Choose Professional Tutors

It may be tempting to ask your neighbor’s teenager to tutor your fifth grader. However, professional educators are more equipped to handle academic struggles while keeping lessons interesting enough that your kid will stay engaged. Experienced teachers have undergone training and certification processes that enable them to tailor lessons to teach kids the concepts they need to be successful in school.

Receive Individualized Support in Math and Reading

When a child struggles in a subject such as science, the problem can often be traced to an issue with reading comprehension or math computation. These two core skills are used in almost every subject, and many kids need individual support to truly understand them. With individualized tutoring, your kid’s tutor can assess their current skills and create a plan that targets their weaknesses. Over time, strengthening reading and math skills leads to higher grades throughout the rest of the curriculum.

Recover Lost Skills

The saying that you better use it or lose it applies to a kid’s acquisition of new skills. Summer and winter breaks, moving and extended absences due to illness all interfere with a kid’s ability to retain new information. Attending tutoring sessions during the summer helps kids keep the skills they learn throughout the school year. After-school tutoring also refreshes skills any time they start to fall behind due to a gap in their attendance.

Get Help with Home Projects

Long-term projects are used by teachers to help kids learn how to organize their work plans and conduct research. Often, very little classroom time is allotted to these projects because they are designed to foster independent learning at home. While these are excellent goals, some kids struggle with completing their homework in the evenings when they are tired from a long day. For this reason, after-school tutoring programs are an ideal time to learn how to create outlines and research a topic while the ideas are still fresh in their mind.

Renew Confidence in Their Abilities

Higher grades and passing test scores are always nice but the most important thing is renewing your child’s self-confidence. Struggling in school takes a toll on their self-esteem, and professional tutors are amazing at drawing out what makes each child unique. Learning how to maximize their strengths as they build upon their skills increases motivation for continued academic improvement.

Academic struggles should always be addressed at the first sign of a problem to prevent a further delay in your kid’s development. Individual tutoring provides benefits that a kid simply cannot receive in a classroom because their tutor can use every minute focusing their instruction to target your kid’s specific learning style and needs. By utilizing the time right after school when kids are still receptive to taking in new information, you can have them looking forward to showing you their next glowing report.